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Mosque near Ground Zero

October 18, 2010

The whole argument is immature.

The proposed mosque is not on ground zero property anyway. There are mosques in the United States. Its not like it the first one!

If a policeman states on his written instument ‘Violation.  ‘New York ‘Trespass  Penal law  140.05′  Yet you being one foot near the property line. You are not tresspassing! If we call this a free country,and our laws are honest and we say’ the land of freed0m the freed0m of  religion. This is just. There is no wrongdoing.

 Are we trying to prom0te peace in the world, or contentions by not allowing people to build their churches and habitat and homes?  If we The People oppose this, then it will only bring up more contenti0ns, disruptments, and chaos. Even more on a world level! It would only fuel more controversies between peace talks. On a world level it would hamper us being a mediator between Arab and Jewish communties and mediating the  middle east situation as a whole. People and Nations see these things as examples. If were trying to promote democracy let culture philosophy and religions exist.

Mayor bloomburg does not oppose it.

Every nation and religious group in history when they are new suffered hardships, discrimination, opposition, and worse  because they did not fit in? These conflicts need to subside to set a presidence for agreements and for peace talks to go more smoothly.

We need to start living together as a community first in our neighborhoods, then work outward as a  sufficient example into the world.

Do leaders lead by example?  Mike Clarke


Garry Israel Rocks!!!!!

October 18, 2010

Garry salutes you...


“Food is at the center of health and illness

September 29, 2010
I agree with Dr. Preston Maring’s opinion regarding the article Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to Be Well by KATRINA HERON Published: September 21, 2010 in the New York Times. In which he stated “Food is at the center of health and illness.” I think it’s because what we eat can eventually make us sick, depending on the moderation of our consumption. Healthy food versus unhealthy food has been an issue,  which is constantly being examined in the United States today. Unhealthy eating is being blame for our present obesity situation. This is also compounded by a lack of exercise. I also agree with the opinion that “doctors must make all aspects of growing, buying, cooking, eating a mainstay of their medical educations.” In knowing these things doctors are able to create guidelines to their patient’s benefit. Then they’re also able to treat patients in all aspects.
Healthy eating however, is a habit that is on a case by case basis. Therefore, patients have to work in congruence with their physician in order to create a game plan of sort, when it comes to healthy food choices.  In today’s society, eating healthy is a matter of economics and availability.  People are only going to eat what is reasonably within their budget.  We are surrounded by “Dollar Menus”, as we all know Organic food products are way more costly that just a plain old George Washington. It is my opinion that some physician’s, themselves are unaware of how to treat obesity. Obesity is not just a by-product of unhealthy eating habits, it is in fact a number of other underlying causes that lend to the problem, such as depression, anxiety, culture, accessibility, and the list goes on.  When treating the patient, there has to be an interdisciplinary approach, where all areas of the patients needs are addressed.  Usually, when the patient goes to see the doctor, it’s because there is a problem at hand.  Therefore it is my belief that prevention is better than the cure. We as a culture have to investigate how to incorporate our environment in with our eating choices.  There has to be better pricing on healthier choices in order to get the consumer involved in making better decisions.  If not then, naturally the consumer is going to go for the food choice that works within their pockets and access.
Although it is easier to blame the physicians, people need to be honest with themselves and create some sort of discipline in which they are going to manage their diet and the health status.  Doctors need to incorporate a Nutritionist in their  medical practice, this addition would allow for better education of the patient from a professional who is trained specifically in that area.  The doctor-patient relationship is only as successful as the counterparts involved. Patients need to take more responsibility for themselves and their health.  In my opinion, the government also has to step up to the plate, and subsidize some of the cost, by creating an incentive program by which consumers can go to a variety food outlets, such as a farmer’s market, where fresher and locally grown produce can be purchased affordably.   Doctors also need to investigate the area(s) in which their patients reside and work in conjunction with clinics, supermarkets, gyms, etc. to create healthier options that will cater to that demographic of patients.  In closing, consumers have to take a larger role in their choices that they make and choose not to live a sedentary lifestyle.  Responsibility and  Action are integral in creating a better way of eating!!!!!

Steve H. Campbell

Is nutrition a vital part of medician

September 27, 2010

                    Despite evidence that doctors have a greater life expectancy than average, they don’t necessarily look after their own dietary health, according to Dr. Walter Willett. If you consider this statement to be true , then how can nutrition be a part of  medicine?  some doctors believe that, without good nutrition your health will greatly suffer. Some doctors believe that nutrition cannot substitute for medicine. I think that nutrition is vital, if  not the most vital medicine the human body can have.

                    It isn’t uncommon to see doctors snacking of junk food, But a cigarette is considered taboo. It’s funny that the person you put your medical trust in, doesn’t know much about the importance of a good diet.  Most doctors will give you a pill, and tell you that this will solve your problems.  It’s the quick an easy fix that eventually wins the day.

                     There is an old saying,”you are what you eat”!  People seem to forget that the better the food you eat, the better you will be in the long run.  Medicine is good, most the  time for treating symptoms in the body.  An  that’s  the extent of  it, as far as medicine is concerned, just treat the symptoms.  The human body is far more complicated than that.  When there’s a problem with one thing in the  body, there are usually other things going on inside.

                      With the right diet,and vitamins, there should be no epidemic of obesity in this country. The problem is that junk food is a big industry, and is very good at marketing.  An with the way people are constantly going from one place to another all the time, there isn’t always time to sit down to a good healthy meal.  They see all the posters with the cheap and inexpensive fast food, an think this all I have time for. 

                       In conclusion it isn’t only the doctors,that need to be educated about the benefits of a healthy diet,but all of us.  There are doctors out their, like Dr. Maring, and the others in the article Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to be Well.  These doctor’s are trying to educate their fellow doctors , about the benefits of a healthy diet.


Eat Well to Be Well

September 27, 2010

On an article on The New York Times, posted on September 21, 2010, it talks about Americans’ and their bad eating habits.  Also, how a single man, Dr. Preston Maring , has done to help patients and even his colleagues in adapting in eating a well balance meal and improve a better quality of  life.  This article has been an eye opener, especially for me.

I have gotten to believe that doctors are just Hippocrates, they demand so much out of their own patients, while they are doing exactly the opposite.  So many times people tent to believe that eating a small hamburger, French fries and a coke a day, will not harm your health.  So many people think this way, I used to think the same: “If I eat a Mcdonalds meal, regular size, for lunch everyday day.  It’s ok, it’s not like I am eating it three times a day.”  But in actuality, it does, fast food tent to process longer than a well balanced meal.  That is when prepared with little to almost no fat.  One does not notice it at first, but little by little your arteries start to clog, you’re starting to feel heavier, have problems breathing, until you have a stroke.  If you are lucky, then you might get a chance to improve your quality of life. If not, at least you got to eat what you enjoy most.

Years ago, when there was no McDonalds or any other “Fast food restaurants”, people were much happier.  See, most people have forgotten the importance of a “Meal”.  Before, most families will gather to eat on the same table, together.   Spend quality of time with their significant others and/or kids, talk about what happened during the day.  It was a moment to bond.  Some families will go out for a walk after eating or maybe play a game of sport before or after dinner.  Now, everything is so fast pace and little time to do anything.  It usually goes this way:  Wake up, eat breakfast (that is, if you got time), Lunch (anything close by, that is quick, cause you may only have 30 minutes to eat and go back to work), and Dinner (That is, if you feel like cooking after a long days work, otherwise you’ll be having something similar you had for lunch.)

Dr. Maring, has been trying to pass on, something that is so old, but in so many ways efficient.  Dr. Maring mentions how people should learn to prepare their own meals out of natural organic fruits and vegetables.  I don’t like to mince garlic, or chop onions, so I’ll buy the ones that are already prepared.  Not good at all, they all have bunch of preservatives.   Many Americans would benefit from home made healthy meals than those that are easy to prepare or are already made for you.  Also, including exercise in your daily life would improve your health.

Finally, I believe that the changes we make to our live style will affect the lives of those around us, including our children.  Setting a good example will help them to be better.   They’ll hopefully accomplish things that maybe we’ll never able to do.  But, it’s never too late to change who you “we” are and maybe we’ll be able to accomplish those things ourselves, in a near future.  Our health is the most important part of us and with it we can provide so much to society.

Diana Swisher

VUB – Student


health article issue

September 23, 2010

           Doctors learn about health and nutrition in pre med studies. It is nothing new.

The major hospitals financial analysts and C.F.Os are trying to take advantage of the Obama’s tax credit on reduction of health care insurance costs, and rising concern for public supplemental nutrition health needs. Kaiser Permanente Corporation  [KPR] N.Y.S.E., has found is finding new tax credit deductions to offset its lagging  earnings for past  years to help boost the health care sector.[KPR]up 42.billion from 37.8billion This health care company plays a major role in insurance and hospitalization. It is a major corporate player in the medical/insurance providers.  It is a blue chip stock that is hard to beat  and known for multi billion takeovers and deals. Mainly known for its take over of  Intuit Surgical  @78.9 billion the historical 12th biggest  takeover in  United States history. “It will do anything to gain the edge. ‘its un beatable monster.”J.M. Burkhart,L .A. Times Finance Editor. With the H.M.O.s headed for financial disaster it has to get a ‘green edge’ against its competitors. This is why doctors are getting on the ‘green band wagon’.  to save tax money. before doctors were milking the sweet milk from the H.M.O. cows and finding diseases and problems with their health to keep them in the hospital bed to suck their health care money. Now by Obama ‘they really care about you’ they change their tune and suddenly the leopards changed their spots?

 Mike Clarke

Eat Well to Be Well

September 22, 2010

The article “Eat Well to Be Well”, was an eye opener in many ways, I found out many interesting Information about what is going on in the Medical field with dietary issues in the United State. And that Doctors them self are giving advice on eating healthy but they them self do not fallow their advice. The article explains what is going on and opinions on what they should do to solve the problem .

I do believe that there is growing problem in the United State with Obesity, I believe that more than 50% Of American are overweight, and on their way to been obese. If we do not come up with a health plan for every American , from the child hood, from the time they start preschool , we might see more and more American die every day from Obesity.

Every were you look there is McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, every kind of Fast Food restaurants you can imagine, and there coming up with more and more unhealthy things to eat every day, with more Bacon, Cheese, and everything unhealthy you can imagine. I think all Americans should take control over their diet, and understand that if something look unhealthy, it probably is.

American society has been corrupted in many ways, the most effective way I believe is through the Media. Everyday every hour we see commercials for fast food restaurants, telling us we have to try it, giving it the gold star for testate and everything to go with it. I myself is guilty of falling for these “tricks of the Trade”.  And then you have TV show’s saying that it’s ok to be fat, ok to eat unhealthy, and that you should be proud of who you are. I believe these media propaganda is the reason American’s are Overweight and Obese.

In Conclusion I would like to say that, if a TV show tells you to be proud,  even if you are overweight or obese, know that you can be lot prouder of knowing that you are healthy  or that you change your life from been overweight to a healthy person in the society. Don’t be a burden, be a healthy inspiration for everyone around you.

Max Aberatine.

healthy eating

September 22, 2010

Well I just finish reading a great. This article was  about how the people that we trust to be our  health professionals are not always the most healthy people. When it comes to the biggest problem facing Americans right now, nutrition most doctors are not up to par , or really know anything dealing with that.

I always found it very amusing when I used to go to the doctors office and when he would talk to me about my health , but it was clear that he was not  in the best health either. The biggest problem facing Americans right now when it comes down to any health issues is the looming number of obese Americans. More people are dying from symptoms that are related to their healths than any other issue facing the health of America right now. Well over 500,00 Americans die every year from heart disease , and most of them because of health issue relating to the way Americans eat. Nutrition is something that most Americans take for granted ,just like myself. Most poor people in America are fatter then most rich people , or middle class people from all around the world.

As we talk about nutrition and the importance of this I need to also bring the reason why most Americans don’t eat healthy. We live in a Capitalist society that values the amount of work , or produce one contributes to our society. The problems lies in this. How can people take the time ,and effort to eat healthy when they are just to busy working all the time to try to gain, produce, and money. Most people eat from this fast food places because that the most convenient, and fast place to get a snack , light dinner ,or something to keep you going while you busy making money. This way of eating even goes back to when we are children in school. When we get taught about the food pyramid , and learn what we need to eat to be healthy, what is put into our trays in the school cafeterias? Burgers,pizza, and french fries. So how can we as a society change our way of eating when we get thought one thing ,but feed another?

Well it comes down to healthy eating ,and eating poor none healthy products, we can divide that into another line. Wealth, it is common knowledge in certain low income communities that they will not eat any healthy food that day, week, or month just simply because they can not afford it. Healthy food cost more money to produce so it will simply cost more more to buy. That is the law of economics. Products that are easier to produce ( food products and junk food) are going to be cheaper than those of healthier or organic food which take longer and more care to produce. There lies another problem. Most big corporations are more interested in making a profit than they care about the product that they lay upon the consumer. As long as they can pass governmental guide lines then that means that they good for the consumer. Were in growing healthier organic food is put upon smaller farmers   that will sell to certain communities that  can afford to buy these products. Have you ever notice that you can always never find an organic food store in most lower class neighborhoods than in higher income areas.

Doctors need to learn about nutrition as much as we need to as a society , and country. Hundred of thousands of people are dying from this epidemic every year. This is something that we can prevent just by simply learning. First are the higher levels of our health care providers and then us. Like the old saying goes ” give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach the man to fish , and he will eat for a life time”.  A good healthy body will most times equals a good mind. We need to change the way we think ,and live so that we can simply just stay alive.

by. Frank Quiroga

1 step closer to a healthier world.

September 22, 2010

i believe that Doctor Maring’s idea to make doctors more healthier is a good idea. Eating healthy is very important not only for doctors though for all people in general, and if top notch doctors could become more concerned about their eating habits, it might tricle down to regular people who are not in the medical field. Doctors should always become concious of the things that the consume because it can also effect how they do their job.

if the doctors took part in eating healthy it would help them to think better and become more progressive in helping their patients to become more healthy. eating foods that are not good for health can be addictive, like cheese burgers, french fries and ice cream, these things taste good, though they are also high in calories and can also make a person move slow, now if a doctor had bad eatings habits they can happen to be over weight and wouldnt help on being punctual to there patients hospital needs.

all it takes is for a few doctors to implement the values of healthy eating and it would change alot. Doctors have big influence on people all around the world. if we can all start to eat healthy just because of a few concious doctors, we would all have better ways of thinking and progressing in the world. health is a gateway to producing posotivity.

in conclusion, i think its a good idea for the doctor to try to make the other doctors more health concious, because that is a start to making the patients more healthy and concious of their diet, 1 step closer to a health world.

Tyleek Henry

Doctor’s orders: Eat well to be well

September 22, 2010

I agree with the work of  Dr. Marin in the awareness of the way nutrition affects our life’s and well being.

Nutrition is the foundation of our well being. From the food that we eat we get out daily vitamins, minerals, carbs ect. The way we eat also shows in the way we perform weather it be in sports, school, or just during the average day.

Is very important that we know what to eat and when. Definitely is important we get educated on how to prepare our meals so we can get the most out of them. Fresh food is always better and more nutritious. Some doctors now days do not know the difference and don’t how to advice obese patients about their eating habits.

I agree with the work of Dr. Marin and I think is very commendable. Definitely good health begins with the choices we make when it comes to our eating habits.

Winston, Garay