Eat well to be well

         I went to a hospital for a check-up and notice doctors smoking outside. I also notice doctors eating fast food on there break. So why should I listen to what these doctors have to say about eating healthy and nutrition if there not practicing it themselves. Most doctors are full of it because how are they gonna weigh more then me and tell me that im over weight. I feel what Dr. Preston Maring is doing is right because most doctors eat unhealthy but tell there patients how to stay healthy.

         Dr. Preston Maring has made it his business to teach other doctors how to eat healthy with a budget. Healthy eating is important for the doctor to know and do on there own because it can be passed down to the patients with confidence. Obesity and illnesses like diabetes is rising each year because of the food that people choose to eat. If more doctors talk about nutrition from experience instead of the text book version, patients would believe what they are saying. With more healthy people in the world, the less doctor visits people would have.

Saquence Lewis


One Response to “Eat well to be well”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Being a doctor is a very challenging job both mentally physically and emotionally. I have a friend thats is a plastic surgeon. He barely has time to eat. He snacks on trail mix on his breaks in the middle of surgeries. Doctors dont have the time to eat a big lunch they eat when they can. Because of the ocupational responsibilities work and hectic schedudles and sometimes emergancy situational workload and many patients to monitor. They tell you to eat well to take care of your self so that their work load hopefully will become less. Then when you eat well they can enjoy a better lunch. mike clarke

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