im the greatest! hell yeah!!

September 21, 2010

i proudly serve my country as an hospital corpsman!


Your smile.

August 4, 2010

Your smile expire me to write. I also write because your smile fills my heart with joy and laughter.

Martin / Batman / theblackbrucewayne

August 3, 2010

I just started here. Yay

Talk about the right place, at the right time.

August 1, 2010

Evening VUB. Let me tell you about being at the right place at the right time. A lot of people know me as a very big Batman fan. On Thur 29 Jul, 2010 I got a call from a good friend of mine that every now and then works at this custom car body shop that remakes cars of TV shows located on 198th Street and Jamaica Ave. My friend Ray calle d me about 4 pm and said, “Batman” my nick name to come quick to the shop, George Barris is here. For thoes that don’t know, he is the guy that created the Batmobile car for the 1966 TV show Batman. I just happend to be right around the corner from there so I went. He brought me upstairs with another guy, and there was George Barris. They was telling him about me. Only pic I had of  my car that time was my business card with my card on it. I showed it to him and he autographed it for me, took a picture with me and gave me his business card. WOW!!! This made my collection complete, even though I will add more things to my collection.

The next morning as I was walking to work because I have to pass the body shop, who was standing out next to his Phantom Rolls Royce??? George Barris. I asked he if he remembered me from the day before, he said yes. I was telling him as I was showing him this picture on my cell phone of the first car that I was customizing as my own Batman car. I asked him if he was going to be here all day, and he said yes. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind signing this picture that I have that have the autographs of everyone that played in the 60’s TV show of Batman. He said sure go get it. I later on went home and came back with that picture. He reconized everyone who signed it, and I got him to add his. I took another picture of him and me holding it. Talk about a dream come true. I tell you that all of die hard work is truly worth the effort. Beleive in yourself, and people will beleive in you. I’m out to make a name for myself. Smile.

Martin J. Smith / Batman / theblackbrucewayne


July 27, 2010

So what has more value?  What’s really more important? What do you value more? I value Time a hundred times more than money. I see so many people replace time with money and I see a lot of destruction. Don’t get me wrong I’m a hustler. I get bread so you might call me a loaf. I work for that dollar, but all that hard work has made me value time so much more. I see a lot of young teens pursue that money making route, and they end up destroying themselves real fast. Even young adults are so desperate for money they take desperate measures that are crazy. And all I’m saying is say FOR what. You work so many hours and so many days for a pair of Jordan’s and a gold necklace? That’s straight foolish. Young people are so concentrated on making money they forget about themselves. They sell their soul and waste a lot time. So what’s the point of working and working so much for money, but not having time to enjoy it? We all want money WE all like money. But I need my time and I love my time. A perfect example of this is gift giving seasons or days. Whether it’s the holidays like Christmas, or a birthday, or a wedding gift the real value comes out. Heres some advice. Don’t worry about the dollar amount in your gift. Instead count the amount of time you’ve given that person. Then you’ll see what gift is worth more.


Keeping the Faith

July 27, 2010

                                                                                 Daniel Rangel         

          I am currently pursuing a career in the telecommunications field.  I have five years experience as a cryptologic technician where I performed the daily tasks of the telecommunications realm.  After leaving the service I entered the profession of an electrician and I love what I do but I also would like to broaden my horizon.  I also obtained my FAA Airframe and Powerplant  Certification along with very useful knowledge and experience at Aviation High School.  In light of my past experiences I am very persistent in pursuing a career in  telecommunications not only because it what I do well but also because it is what I like to do. 

          The high and low end of the annual salary bracket for a telecommunications specialist is 70,000+/- for the high and 55,000+/-  for the low. The statistics for New York City is slightly higher than that according to the Department of Labor website for New York.  Both ends of this spectrum  is more of an annual salary that meets my lifestyle.  The optimistic aspect of this profession is that employment opportunities are readily growing especially with the advanced paced development in technology.  The current statistics from the year 2008 to the year 2018 show 30% job growth in computer network/database administrators, and 53% in my specific preference of  network systems and data communications analysts.

          I have some past fellow service members that are employed in this field and they give me advice from time to time but the best advice that I take to heart is that even though there is a lot of opportunity and the compensation is suffice is that it is a very competitive career because as technology advances you have to advance along with it.  This is something that I do not mind because I actually like learning and keeping my mind open.

            My goal of completing the necessary requirements for this profession include and start with attending college.  Most of the telecommunication jobs that are available require at least and associates degree in telecommunications.  I will be setting my goals to achieve a bachelors degree in telecommunications as well as a  A+certification.  I plan to achieve my degree as fast as I can by attending college full time as well summer classes.  I have faith that with both a bachelors degree in telecommunications and the A+ Certification along with my professional experience I will be competitive in the current and expanding job market.

Cost of Living in New York City

July 27, 2010

Cost of living in New York City and how you need to make six digit figure to be in middle class.  For a one bedroom apartment it goes for an average of $1,200 and up.  For day care,  an average of $2,000 a month.  New York City  is one of the most costly in cell phone bills.  The cost of commute to work taking buses, train and personal vechicle.  A New Yorker would have to make an average of 123,000 per year to be equivelant to a person making $60,000 in Houston, Texas.  Also a New Yorker making $60,000 per year is equivelant to a person making $26,000 in Atlanta, Georgia.  This tells us how much more costly it is and how bad the economy is in New York City.  The economy is bad as it is.  Higher gas prices, insurance for vechicles, housing etc.  What are the residents of New York City going to do?  Its a problem which New Yorkers are still trying to figure out.

Xavier Alvear

Letting Go

July 27, 2010


I am your creator – all I  ask I ask Let Go

When I wipe away your sins – they’ll whiter than snow

I’ll always love my sisters & bro’s

But reality is you reap what you sow

I don’t care if it’s money you owe

Your problems I could handle – no matter how low

Even if you sin 10 times in a row

Resist the devil my word over flows 

Don’t worry about tomorrow even though

Lillies don’t worry – but still they grow  

It’s your free will this chance don’t blow

Depend on me – all things will be so

I’ll make you rich – not pertaining to dough  

but rich in heart – with a spiritual flow

I change lives – at that I’m a pro 

I will give you a spark – better yet a glow

Now place you could hide – I don’t care where you go

your arms are too short – to go toe to toe 

But anything you ask – my answers will show

Yes, not now, – but will never still you no

Out of all your trouble – little did you know 

Out of all your trouble – littel did you know

I was always there – but you never did Let Go 

By: Tony McClinton

Finding my Major

July 27, 2010

I have been trying to figure out what i want to do in college for the past few weeks now. At first i chose Electrical Engineering because of how much money it pays, but after speaking to a few college students that have taken part of the curriculum i am now second guessing if that is what i really want to do.  My passion and drive has always been something to do with computers. So i am now deciding on a degree in computer operations. Hopefully my passions will be fulfilled one day with a Bachelors and Masters Degree.

Ramone D.

Where does all that money we pay to cross every single bridge in New York goes? Honestly!

July 27, 2010

         Where does all that money we pay to cross every single bridge in New York goes? Honestly! Every time i cross a bridge here in New York i have to pay $5.50 and that only covers for one way, on your way back home you bet you’ll have to pay again the same amount of money. They should atleast have a discount for people that already paid once to cross the bridge atleast for that same day. The worse thing is from all the states i been N.Y is the one state that you pay the most taxes and tolls and their streets are a mess and dirty as hell. That makes me think about stuff like…. where all that money we pay goes?

Frank E.