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September 22, 2010

Well I just finish reading a great. This article was  about how the people that we trust to be our  health professionals are not always the most healthy people. When it comes to the biggest problem facing Americans right now, nutrition most doctors are not up to par , or really know anything dealing with that.

I always found it very amusing when I used to go to the doctors office and when he would talk to me about my health , but it was clear that he was not  in the best health either. The biggest problem facing Americans right now when it comes down to any health issues is the looming number of obese Americans. More people are dying from symptoms that are related to their healths than any other issue facing the health of America right now. Well over 500,00 Americans die every year from heart disease , and most of them because of health issue relating to the way Americans eat. Nutrition is something that most Americans take for granted ,just like myself. Most poor people in America are fatter then most rich people , or middle class people from all around the world.

As we talk about nutrition and the importance of this I need to also bring the reason why most Americans don’t eat healthy. We live in a Capitalist society that values the amount of work , or produce one contributes to our society. The problems lies in this. How can people take the time ,and effort to eat healthy when they are just to busy working all the time to try to gain, produce, and money. Most people eat from this fast food places because that the most convenient, and fast place to get a snack , light dinner ,or something to keep you going while you busy making money. This way of eating even goes back to when we are children in school. When we get taught about the food pyramid , and learn what we need to eat to be healthy, what is put into our trays in the school cafeterias? Burgers,pizza, and french fries. So how can we as a society change our way of eating when we get thought one thing ,but feed another?

Well it comes down to healthy eating ,and eating poor none healthy products, we can divide that into another line. Wealth, it is common knowledge in certain low income communities that they will not eat any healthy food that day, week, or month just simply because they can not afford it. Healthy food cost more money to produce so it will simply cost more more to buy. That is the law of economics. Products that are easier to produce ( food products and junk food) are going to be cheaper than those of healthier or organic food which take longer and more care to produce. There lies another problem. Most big corporations are more interested in making a profit than they care about the product that they lay upon the consumer. As long as they can pass governmental guide lines then that means that they good for the consumer. Were in growing healthier organic food is put upon smaller farmers   that will sell to certain communities that  can afford to buy these products. Have you ever notice that you can always never find an organic food store in most lower class neighborhoods than in higher income areas.

Doctors need to learn about nutrition as much as we need to as a society , and country. Hundred of thousands of people are dying from this epidemic every year. This is something that we can prevent just by simply learning. First are the higher levels of our health care providers and then us. Like the old saying goes ” give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach the man to fish , and he will eat for a life time”.  A good healthy body will most times equals a good mind. We need to change the way we think ,and live so that we can simply just stay alive.

by. Frank Quiroga